How To Use Your Planner

Like many of you out there I have always been extremely picky about my planners. I was always on the hunt for the perfect layout, size, and look. I also didn’t want something that was too bulky to travel with, and I really really didn’t want something that was laminated to hell and back. While I understand the perks of having something extra durable I have always been concerned with the idea that I was likely going to be tossing that planner in the garbage after I’m done with it. I have always opted for the more minimal planner that didn’t go crazy with the plastic and too many extras.

While I came very close to finding the “perfect” book for myself a few times there was always something missing. I wanted something that helped keep the flow of my daily logistics in sync with my personal, internal world which tends to be, let’s face it, a lovely yet often chaotic world of constant idea churning and creative ramblings.
I’m an air sign.
I could really use a little structure.
(but not so much that I’m being told what to do. I do what I want.)

In this latest edition of the planner you’ll notice a few changes and additions. I wanted to create a planner that encapsulates our whole lives, especially the parts of our lives that we cannot see. We have officially entered into the age of Energy. We are feeling our intuition come alive like never before. We are processing old wounds more than ever before. We can no longer hide in our work and pretend that finding a 'good job' will fix us. Since we are all operating at our own particular pace, trajectory, and within our own personal storylines, we are all at different points of awareness, but we are all feeling this energetic shift in some capacity nonetheless. The life of constant hustle no longer makes sense to us, and we’re feeling the urge to connect more deeply to the earth and each other. The global pandemic and civil unrest is reflecting our calling to acknowledge life’s essential gift: to simply be.

I created this planner with the intention of helping guide the sensitive, aware, and powerfully energetic being towards their highest potential. That might sound highfalutin for a daily planner but I strongly believe in the power of simple things. While our goals and dreams might be broad and scattered and seemingly unattainable within our minds, there is great power in the act of making a plan on paper. Which, by the way, doesn't have to be a perfect plan...ever!
As we continue to navigate this world with our growing awareness it feels appropriate to regain some focus on our personal strengths and abilities, and I hope that this planner can act as a tool for doing just that.
Happy planning, my friend.


A place to gain a view of your year. These intentions and goals are meant to be a little bit more broad than your regular 'todo' list style of planning. What's the big picture this year? Take a moment to calibrate where you've been, where you are, and where you'd like to go.
My intention for the year: what is the feeling, goal, or dream you have for this year? What word or phrase do you want to be the driving force of your experience this year?
What I would like to transform about myself: what are the fears and self-limitations that are holding you back from thriving? What do you know you need to change in order to move forward?
I'd love to start
I'd love to complete
I'd love to try
I'd love to forgive
These sections are meant to help further address areas of your life that might could use some more clarity and focus. I wanted this section to help us get clear about the things in our life that take most priority (I'd love to start, I'd love to complete), as well as bring awareness to the parts of our lives that we tend to neglect (I'd love to try, I'd love to forgive). It's easy to get wrapped up in the forward momentum and we often overlook or even suppress the little voices that come up when we want to try something new, or when there's something (or someone) in our lives that we need to forgive. Where is our energy being tied up and how can we help move it along? 


Intentions and reminders going into the month ahead. These are meant to be as broad or as specific as you need them to be.

Personal: anything to do with your personal life. Positive reinforcements and growth goals. What is your story? What parts of yourself are you working to transform?

Health: your mind, body, heart, and spirit. How will you nurture all parts of you this month?

Vocation: this may be related to your job, but perhaps not. What are your goals for honoring your highest potential?

Wealth: growing your money pool and network of support. Remember that the act of giving or trading services and paying off debts are also ways of growing wealth.



Perhaps my favorite addition to the planner this year! A monthly section dedicated to going inward. There are many ways in which one may seek personal and spiritual guidance and I wanted to create a space for documenting some of that journey. You can use this page for when you do vision work, meditation with the intention of seeking guidance, tarot or oracle card readings, ritual work, prayer, etc. You can fill this page out in one session or you can spread it out and write down your observations and intuitive hits as they come to you throughout the month. There are no rules to finding your truth.
Divination method: the path you chose to seek guidance. Did you use tarot cards, meditation, or some other personal method?
Inquiry: what are you seeking guidance on? My advice is to be as specific as you can with your words. Words are power.
What was revealed:  what was the message that you received?
Observations and realizations: sometimes the message isn't immediately clear. By writing down or sketching your visions and realizations you start to unlock the code. What imagery, colors, sounds, smells came to mind? Did something come up that is baffling you? Take note.


Intention of the week: what is the feeling, goal, or dream you have for this week? What word or phrase do you want to encapsulate your experience?

Let go of: resentments, guilt, obsessions, neediness. What are you holding onto that is prohibiting you from moving forward? What can you let go of that will help strengthen your intention for this week?

Focus on: what are the pertinent tasks for the week? Write them all down here and then delegate them to the appropriate days on the adjacent week view page (not fully photographed)

Connect: folks that you need to call, email, text, or check in with. Perhaps you're on that list as well?

Resource flow: anything to do with money or the exchange of resources. When we think of money as a flowing force that waxes and wanes, rather than something that is limited and scarce, we can allow for more flexibility within our lives. My hope is that by using a word like 'flow' we can help neutralize a pattern of scarcity mentality and allow the trust that more resources will come to us.