2022 Pricing and Offering Updates

Product Type

New Price

Old Price

Approx. Profit margin


Greeting Cards (singles)

$2.50 (SRP $5)

$2.25 (SRP $4.50)


Packs of Cards

Discontinued for wholesale

*See below*

Notebooks (sewn)

$7.50 (SRP $15)

$7 (SRP $14)


Wire Journals (ruled)

$15 (SRP $26)

$13 (SRP $26)


*See below*

Wire Journals (blank)

$14 (SRP $24)

$12 (SRP $26)


*See below*


$5 (SRP $10)

$4 (SRP $8)


Universal Cloths (towels)

$12 (SRP $24)

$11 (SRP $22)



$4.25 (SRP $8.50)

$4 (SRP $8)



No change 


* Wire Journals: Our wire journals have the biggest change in price and profit margin. The profit margin on these are now about 42% vs. 50% for wholesale if you go by our suggested retail price. You are welcome to charge a higher retail price if desired of course, but we want it to be clear that only the wholesale price for wire journals have increased and not our retail price. We will continue to sell our wire journals at $26 (ruled and dot) and $24 (blank) on our website at this time. 

* Greeting Cards (boxes of 8): We have decided to discontinue our boxed greeting card sets for the time being until we can figure out two things: 1) a more sustainable way to sell boxed cards that is profitable 2) find a packaging solution that does not include plastic.

We decided to make this change after having observed very low profitability on our wholesale wire journals and boxed greeting cards last year, even before material prices went up. In order to continue to offer these items to our wholesale customers, we decided a price increase was necessary for the journals and we’ve temporarily paused offering boxed cards while we research solutions. 

All of our updated pricing is reflected on our wholesale website, Faire, and Bulletin. Please reach out if you have any questions at all: hello@therainbowvision.com


About the updates:

As many of you are already aware, there have been lots of changes these last couple of years with supply and labor demands. We were recently alerted by our manufacturers that just about all of our materials we use for Rainbow Vision products (particularly paper) have increased in price about 30-50%. Along with increased material costs we are also facing increases in shipping fees from UPS and USPS, longer turnaround times for production, and general shipping delays. 

While we work hard to keep our prices competitive for our retailers, we have made the difficult decision to adjust our pricing this year in order to keep up with rising costs. We’ve put together a list below of the pricing changes and any necessary details about the changes. 

We value your business and partnership so much, and we hope that these changes will not affect bottom lines too significantly. We continue to source mostly from US based manufacturers, are 99% plastic free in our packaging, and every order continues to plant a tree. Thank you for helping us make that possible!

Please reach out to us with any questions, and thank you again for working with Rainbow Vision! hello@therainbowvision.com

Leela Hoehn

Owner & Creative Director