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We believe a creative daily life needs space to grow.

Our paper goods are designed to help you brainstorm, plan, and manifest your big ideas and simple joys.

Eco-Friendly Goods Made to Empower Creativity

Whether you fill our notebooks with doodles or record your self-discovery in our journals, Rainbow Vision is here to empower your artistic journey. We know creativity can be beautifully chaotic, so we provide tools to keep you organized and inspired. Our paper goods are structured but never stifling. Artistic, but also productive and intuitive.

Sound like you? Welcome. We couldn’t be happier that you’re here, putting purpose and passion to paper.

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Reviews from Folks who Inspire Us...

The Rainbow Vision Planner is a beautiful and inspiring tool to help guide you through the year. I love the prompts and graphics that allow you to cultivate your own resources and stay on track with your goals. It feels good to know it was made with personal intention and love. It’s worth the investment.


I am thrilled to find both structure and pockets of creative and mindful prompts throughout this planner to help me live in alignment with my goals as an artist, business owner and individual.


My Rainbow Vision planner allows me to zoom in or out on my life, making monthly/weekly planning sessions a breeze. There are no prescribed to-do lists or hour-by-hour breakdowns to trap me in an old spiral of self-criticism. I also love the self discovery pages and the moon phases!!


I just wanted to say that I recently got my order (Christmas gift for my wife). After 20 years it's hard to find a present for her that means something and when I gave it to her she was so blown away and so deeply happy with her gift. I just want to let you know I am extremely grateful for what you have created. Thank You for helping make this a wonderful Christmas. 


I have used The Rainbow Vision planner for the past three years. I’ve been a teacher and a homeschooling mom so the academic year planner is my jam. As an adult with ADHD, I *struggle* with planning. These planners are so beautiful they draw me in and the setup makes me feel like I’m really getting a hold on my time. One of my favorite parts is the “Resource Flow” section. In a consumer culture based on the almighty dollar, I’m happy to know that I can also value my time and energy and it’s cyclical, not one way in or out. The planner has all of the sections I can possibly want and I also use the individual weekly/daily sections for some quick journaling.


I've been using these planners for the last three years - I love how sturdy they are! The weekly layout is a nice balance of space for to-do lists and daily entries. There is also ample room for monthly planning and visioning. Every year I look forward to starting a new planner!


I’ve fallen in love with the open dated planners. I often start the year strong with the planners and dwindle out as I go. With the open ended planners I don’t feel the guilt of wasting paper as I can plan as I go. Especially after 2020, that planner went out the window after 2 months. So it’s nice to have found one that will grow with me.


As someone with ADHD, I struggle with time management and completing mundane tasks. Having a beautiful planner to write down my to-do lists and appointments keeps me organized.

I’ve been using the planner since it was released a few years back, and I believe the daily practice of checking my planner has had a calming effect on me. It's become a sort of meditation. Leela has taught me how to be more intentional with my day. That is no small thing. The discovery pages allow me to connect with my spiritual self in a simple and effective way. While the weekly prompts remind me to pay attention to my moods, energy exchanges and be present in my physical body. As long as y’all make this planner, I will buy it.

Seeing Eye Planner
In between a great idea and action, there’s a spark. And while we might not always know exactly where that spark comes from, we know to nurture it when we see (or hear, or feel) it.

Our planners and paper goods are designed to give creativity the space it needs to grow. They’re made for artists, musicians, philosophers, writers, mystics, social activists, and basically anyone pursuing their creative vision.
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